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Real Estate Agent in Atlanta, GA – House cleansing creates positive spiritual environments for some

Collette McDonald Article on Home Sales in AJC 2016

Real Estate Agent in Atlanta, GA – Collette McDonald Speaks about House Cleansing with the AJC

For Collette McDonald, a real estate agent in Atlanta, GA – “I’ve had clients who are highly sensitive and felt uncomfortable after they bought the house,” says the RE/MAX Around Atlanta agent who has been selling properties for 15 years. “It’s not just spirits; there can be bad energy left after a divorce, for instance.”

“I’ve worked with people who only wanted Eastern-exposed homes for their prayer vigils,” she said. “Some want a house with a blue porch because it’s supposed to scare away ghosts. I’ve had people look at a house number or the floor of the condo building, and if it’s 13, they don’t want it. And of course, I’ve had people bury a statue of St. Joseph upside down under the for-sale sign to help the house sell. It sounds superstitious, but these are things people are concerned about.”

Real Estate Agent in Atlanta, GA - Collette McDonald
Darshana Patel placing salt at the threshold.

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